The Directors of Hotzone Solutions Group have established the International CBRNE Institute (ICI) in partnership with the municipality of Les Bons Villers, Belgium, as an independent international non-profit organisation, in accordance with the Belgian law of May 2, 2002.

The ICI is based at the Hotzone Solutions Training Facility Belgium (HZSTFB).

The ICI's primary aim is to enhance CBRNE risk mitigation at regional, national and international level. The ICI serves as a link between governmental and international institutions, first responders and military CBRNE units and industry.

To this purpose, the ICI engages in a range of activities, including developing and supporting academic and policy-related research and organisation of conferences, seminars and workshops.

In these activities, the ICI seeks to collaborate with other partners, from institutional, academic and corporate bodies.
Through these activities the ICI aims to be at the forefront of CBRNE related activity from policy to practical application.






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Workshops and Seminars

Courses for Partners

In order to best share our knowledge with our partners/sponsors, the ICI will open new 2/3 days courses focused on different matters like (non exhaustive): decontamination, detection, protection, medical countermeasures, and more. During these courses, our partners will also have the possibility to present their new material to the participants.

These courses are open to external (non partners) participants.

Two courses have been planned this year : 

        •         CBRN Basic decontamination in October
    •         CBRN detection in Dec

Location: ICI

Exact dates will be communicated ASAP

Registration before 01 Sep 2016


Workshops and Seminars


Conferences, Workshops, Seminars & Courses


Medical CBRN Master Class

09 - 10 March 2017


Where do all sick or injured people go? Hospitals! Where do all contaminated casualties will end up? Hospitals! Are hospitals prepared to receive them without compromising the safety of health workers and hospitalized patients? Are ALL hospitals prepared for such a possibility? Or just one hospital in a capital city with millions of people? Are doctors and nurses able to discriminate between a natural outbreak or epidemic and a bioterrorism attack in their shift? Do emergency departments check for radiation exposure following a conventional bomb detonation in urban environment? If you are already prepared and if you follow specific CBRN SOPs in your daily routine at the hospital, there is no need to attend this Master Class! If not, it would be a good opportunity to hear about the new emerging threats and their impact on human body and society and learn ways on how to protect yourselves in order to help save victims and keep your critical infrastructure safe and clean. The unexpected always happens and it might happen in your shift!


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15h ICI-IARP Workshop on



coupled with the 14th International symposium


Mine Action 2017

25-27 April 2017



Call for Abstracts


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The European Threats


Location : International CBRNE Institute, Les Bons Villers


02 March 2017



Program SED









The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is the implementing body of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). On 29 April 1997 the Chemical Weapons Convention entered into force with 87 States Parties—becoming binding international law.

The International CBRNE Institute, located in Belgium provides through its Knowledge Centres (CBRN and Explosives) specific courses related to the missions of the OPCW.

For the 20th anniversary of the Convention, General J.GALATAS (Former Head of the department of Asymmetric Threats, Intelligence Analysis Branch, Hellenic National Defence General Staff), manager of the ICI CBRN Knowledge Centre, Professor emeritus Baudoin (of the Royal Military Academy of Belgium), manager of the ICI Explosive Knowledge Centre and Colonel e.r. Jean Marsia (President of the European Society for Defense) invite the members of the SROR/KVOO to an information/exhibition Day, focusing on the terroristic threats and the Counter CBRNE technology, on April, 20 2017 

You will find hereafter the tentative program as well as the registration form:








8th International Advanced Robotics Program IARP-RISE’2017 on

Robotics for Risky Interventions and Environmental SurveillancE


18-19 May 2017


Les Bons Villers (CHARLEROI)


Call for Papers


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Several key documents define the strategy of the European Union against terrorist activities. The European Counter-Terrorism Strategy (2005) and the EU Internal Security Strategy in Action (2010) are among the most important and they have been complemented by the EU Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection (2006). They all organise a coordinated response to the terrorist threat around four keywords: Prevent, Protect, Pursue and Respond. These four pillars will be considered in the particular context of the provision of assistance through technology generically and, robotic systems in particular. According to their specific objectives, three partners decided to get their expertise through this first international workshop.

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